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2 of the weirdest museums in the world

If dusty fossils do not do it for you, these unusual venues provide something a bit different. We have compiled two of the planet’s strangest museums.

The Dog Collar Museum, Kent, England

Exhibits at this intriguing museum in Leeds Castle include a fifteenth-century collar worn by Spanish hunting dogs to protect their necks from bears. A great deal more elegant is the elaborate gilt designs in the baroque period, and the silver collars dating back to the nineteenth century.

The museum was founded in 1977 when classic collector Gertrude Hunt introduced her beloved group of 60 dog collars into the castle. Since then, the museum has continued to expand, and there are now over 130 exhibits, dating from the sixteenth century.

Kansas Barbed Wire Museum, USA

Did you know that barbed wire was patented in 1874? Or it played a critical role during World War I when its high tensile strength made it a strong deterrent against enemy tanks?

This museum has over 2000 kinds of barbed wire on screen, and you can brush up on your understanding in the learning centre, where you will find newsletters from America’s top barbed wire appreciation clubs (yes, these are a thing ) and an extensive selection of fencing tools.

Visit in May, and you will have the ability to participate in the yearly Barbed Wire Swap and Sell and get involved in the barbed wire splicing competition. Yes, for real!