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Interior Design Trends That You’ll Later Regret

It’s an exciting time when you decide to dip your toes into a new interior design style. So much planning and preparation will go into it, not to mention plenty of money, but the limitless sky may not be quite so limitless if you don’t want your home to go out of style. Obviously making your house your home or updating it to match your newest décor and design tastes is a crucial part of being a homeowner, but it can often be all too easy to make simple mistakes you’ll almost certainly come to regret. Fret not, with proper research and a cautious approach you can guarantee a timeless look without compromising your individuality or style. 

Remodelling your kitchen can be the dream of any lover of cooking and can be very practical in its upgrade if not purely for aesthetic. Oftentimes people can find that their kitchen isn’t quite as large as they like or even think. It is for this reason that it can be a tricky room to get right. With many appliances commonly on display in every household kitchen, bench space can easily become a nightmare to navigate. Many lean towards a sheik and seemingly timeless look such as white marble on their countertops but if you intend to actually use your kitchen with any great regularity you may find this is a mistake. When it is first fitted, no doubt it will look amazing – however materials like this are very susceptible to chips and stains. Between your toaster, kettle and water chiller out on the bench, you’ll likely end up with dirty great marks that seem impossible to remove. Another common mistake found in the kitchen are deep or high up cupboards – particularly if you’re on the shorter side. Yes, this will make for saving of space, especially if you have higher ceilings, however, having to get a stool out to reach things will get very old, very quick. A vast and deep cupboard can remove the ease of the simple open and grab – installing shelves that pull out with the door is highly recommended to ensure you don’t get lost in the cupboard along with the old food. 

Often we don’t realise just how much time we spend in our bathrooms and therefore overlook the importance of their practicality alongside their beautification. With the reputation of the ugliest room in the house (for obvious reasons), we often find ourselves wanting to make the room more inviting and ensure the time spent there is pleasant. These drives can lead to overlooking design elements that may come back to bite us in the bum later down the line. Much like kitchen space, we must work with what we have, not what we wish we did. It is important to make sure that you have adequate ventilation and drainage for your bathroom – even more so if you find yourself without a window to crack open. Between the shower or bath steam creating mould or a particularly smelling visit to the loo, you should never overlook ventilation. In the same breath, making sure you have adequate drainage for all water appliances will go a long way. Size and design of your bath – if you have one – can easily become a big mistake. It might feel like you can’t pass up on the big deep bath as you imagine coming home to it after a long day. However, ensuring it isn’t so large or out of place will pay off in the long run for both ease of cleaning and frequency of use. Many fantasise about their big bath and how often they will use it only to find it takes so long to fill, or clean before use that they just can’t justify it. Plus, unless you have a particularly large bathroom, a large bath can easily look out of place. Lastly and likely the most overlooked for this room is lighting. Too dark and you won’t get the benefits for grooming quite the same, too bright and you’ll be reluctant to turn on a light when you get up in the night. Finding a perfect balance doesn’t need to mean having a dimmer light, it can simply mean having multiple – don’t overlook the benefits of installing heat lights or a mirror light just to cut some costs.

Lastly, we have the living room – the room most everyone who enters the house probably gets to see. It’s reasonable to want your living room to be a perfect balance of homely and visually appealing. It’s key to be careful not to fall into the trap of making it too fancy or showroom that you’re forever being too cautious to be able to fully relax. For instance, a white carpet may seem timeless but the constant concern about stains and spills will retract from the sanctuary that your lounge should provide. Another common mistake for this room is to get a little too themed in a way that can easily go out of fashion or simply out of your tastes. For example, highly themed patterns such as polka dots or paisley or maybe going mad at the beach homeware store and filling it with beach style furniture – these can seem like a grand idea at the time, not so much down the line. When picking out your furniture, you’ll regret it if you overlook the smaller pieces. A fold away coffee table or well placed throw basket can really pull a room together. Not everything needs to be grand and have an obvious purpose either. Perhaps most important of all; make sure your couch is actually comfortable! Far too many people fall in love with a look or a sofa that they feel completes a look only to find themselves forever trying to get comfy. There’s nothing like a deep, soft couch to give you a cushioned cuddle on a warm winter’s movie night. A living room should always feel a little lived in and you’ll find that in turn that will make any guests feel more comfortable.