interior design

How to Personalise your Home

They say ‘home is where the heart is’ and nothing makes a house a home quite like personalising the space. No matter whether you have a high-ceilinged palace or a cute little cottage, we all need a space to enhance our sense of self and give us a place to be ourselves in our purest form. Here are 10 ways to spice up your home.

1. Put in some feature walls

Feature walls became quite popular in the early 2000’s. Pick out a colour that feels right to you and slap on some paint to a wall or two in your house. By doing this, you change the vibe of the room. This can be used to make the space bigger, or to make better use of the natural lighting. It’s relatively quick and cheap, but likely to make the place feel new.

Extra tip – Instead of a simple colour choice, make it blackboard paint. That way you can write little messages or draw little pictures for your family to see. This one is especially great if you have kids.

2. Photos

Photos are the ultimate way to personalise your walls through decoration. A perfect way to display the things and people that matter most to you and show off your sense of style and tastes. Hang photos of your friends, family and memories, or a piece that really means something to you. You could create a collage style with little frames or hang big prints throughout the house. Either way you’ll be giving your home the ultimate personal and emotional touch.

3. Change up your lighting

While we barely find ourselves looking at our ceilings, it might surprise you how much your light fixtures and choice in light globe impact the overall vibe of your home. They can change the ambiance and even effect productivity and energy levels. Switch out your light globes for some yellow or even red hues in your rooms intended for relaxing. You’ll notice this changes the mood and helps your circadian rhythm. While you’re at it, invest in some stylish light shades. Your home will have a whole new feel.  

4. Enhance your storage

Installing or personalising your storage will give your home an organised feel. It will also clear up any feeling of clutter and give you the opportunity to do a cull of all the items you don’t need or use anymore. Taking the time to carefully plan and decide where to put your things as will make your life easier, whilst also making the most of small spaces.

5. Do some DIY

No matter what your interior design style, there’s always ways for you to incorporate a DIY instalment. Use it as an opportunity to let loose your inner artist and experiment. Updating an old piece of furniture with a simple coat of paint or material covers can make a world of difference. Or if you have a more creative side, you might pick up something like a perfect piece of wire furniture to practice your wire work on in restoring it or an find an old chair to reupholster.

Extra tip – If you’re more of the handy type, you might rescue some pieces put out for hard rubbish and give them a second life. It’s amazing how many perfectly functional pieces of furniture are put out on streets to be collected each day.

6. Incorporate some nature

Adding a bit of plant life to your space is a sure way to freshen things up. Either picking or buying a bouquet of flowers and displaying them on a bench will brighten up a room. Plants are also a great way to increase the oxygen in your house. Species such as Aloe Vera are especially good for this. You also have the option of large plants or small trees as floor standing features which can bring a jungle feeling to any space. These instalments can be further enhanced with quirky vases or plant pots – another opportunity for an artsy DIY touch.

7. Changing up some flooring

If you’re up for a bigger job or you have a bigger budget, a change of floor in a room or two can really refresh a look. New tiles in the bathroom can be used to make an otherwise cramped space feel open and large. If you aren’t so big on budget or motivation, even a well-placed rug can spice up a room. If you have a carpeted house this may start and stop with a doormat. However, if you have wooden or synthetic flooring you can invest in a large rug. Bold and colourful to brighten a room, or simple and understated, it will give your room, and your feet, something to get excited about.

8. Garage renovations

Your garage may just be that extra space that never gets used, or maybe it’s got everything but the kitchen sink. Many may have items rarely used such as an air compressor for pumping up your bike tires. While an industrial air compressor isn’t something you think of when you think interior design, your sprucing shouldn’t stop at the inside of your house. Clearing out the space can open up opportunities to create something such as a den for when friends come to visit or perhaps an arts and crafts corner. Often garages are the least utilised area of the house. 

9. Hooks and hangings

You’re probably thinking, how can this be anything but practical? But strategic placing of stylish hooks can revolutionise a room. From cute little hooks to hang your keys, to free standing coat racks, the opportunities to utilise them are endless. Placing hooks in areas that are cluttered with clothing or random items is a sure way to minimise messy clutter. Hooks can also be used in kitchens to allow easy reach for required items whilst also giving it an industrial vibe.

Extra tip – Installing some hooks in your bathroom can give you the opportunity to hang wet items for drying. This is also much more hygienic for items like hand towels and face washers as it prevents mould developing.

10. Deep Clean

Finally, and perhaps most obviously, a deep clean is everything. Scrub the shower, do a clothing audit or clean out your cigar humidor. Much like a change is as good as a holiday, a proper clean is as good as a move. Make sure you get into all the crevices – you’ll probably be a little grossed out at how dirty your house actually is.